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We shall ensure the safe operation of entrusted ships through the "four zero" targets ensuring zero fatal accidents, zero serious marine incident, zero oil pollution and zero cargo damage.

We shall operate our managed vessels in full compliance with all applicable international and domestic regulations, conventions and laws as well as guidelines established by maritime organisations.

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Container Ships and Pure Car Carriers


All personnel involved in our organisation (including seafarers) shall fully utilize the professionalism of a ship manager, faithfully observe and act in accordance with the above philosophy and the following unified code of conduct prepared by the Managing Director as public commitments;

  1. When managing vessels, top priority shall be given to ensure the safety of seafarers, the vessel, cargo and protection of the environment from pollution.

  2. When performing ship management activities, International conventions including the ISM code, all domestic and international rules, regulations and guidelines provided by organisations in the maritime industry shall be complied with. 

  3. The ship management activities shall ensure the welfare and continuous improvement of competency of all personnel for safe operations and implementation of safety management system. 

  4. The above-mentioned policies, code of conduct and related manuals are applicable to the vessels covered by ship management contracts with this company. 

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